France: Abortion in school graduation examinations

Source: FSSPX News


The subject of biology for the 2005 baccalaureate [secondary school graduation examinations in France], for students on the literary track in their next-to-last year, demands of candidates:

“A. With the help of document 4, elaborate arguments in favor of the legalization of abortion [euphemistically termed “Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy” or “VIP”] in France.

B. Discuss the idea according to which abortion is not considered as a form of contraception”.

According to an article in Le Monde, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Veil law [that legalized abortion in France]: “Contraception and, in case of failure, the recourse to VIP [abortion] have permitted the move from a model of forced pregnancy to that of voluntary maternity. (…) Contrary to what abortion opponents maintained at the time the law was adopted, the legalization of VIP has not had any demographic impact. A VIP does not constitute one less birth but rather a birth delayed…”

The diocesan leadership of Catholic education in Paris strongly reacted by “condemning” this subject. The Jerome Lejeune Foundation, the Association for the Foundation of Political Service and the Alliance for the right to life have asked the Minister of National Education, Gilles de Robien, not to add this to the examination.

The intermediary of the Department of Education recognizes that it would have been “desirable” to avoid any debate by excluding this question: “the subject seems to me more societal than scientific but the General Inspection made its decision: it was for the program”. Next year will the candidates have to deal with euthanasia?