France: The archbishopric of Paris to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Source: FSSPX News


On the occasion of the feast of Saint Valentine, February 14, the archbishopric of Paris has decided to give pride of place to marriage, on Saturday, February 10, and Sunday, February 11. “The Church is taking advantage of this feast to transmit a word of happiness about love – I will espouse thee to me for ever, Osee 2: 19.” “We cannot be content with proposing a model for the family,” declared Archbishop Vingt-Trois, “as if we were the official depositaries of its success, without committing ourselves to a long and exacting task, at every level, in order to help the development of better conditions for family life. We have done much, and we still do much, for marriage preparation and to bring support to a serious engagement on the part of the spouses. We know that this is not enough. We must also accompany families in their adventures and their trials.”

On Saturday, February 10, some 50 parishes proposed a festive evening, such as a dinner by candlelight in the crypt of Saint Sulpice’s church, or dinners accompanied by testimonies from couples of various ages… On Sunday, February 11, a cruise-pilgrimage on the Seine, open to adults and children, enabled the pilgrims to listen to the lives of Parisian Saints from panoramic boats. At 3:30 pm Mass was celebrated in Notre-Dame by Archbishop Vingt-Trois.


The number of Catholic marriages has dropped from 147,000 in 1990 to less than 98,000 in 2005. (Source: Statistical Directory of the Church, 2005 edition)