France : For Bishop Daucourt, “The Church has a high regard for Muslims.”

Source: FSSPX News

Ever since Vatican II, “The Church has a high regard for Muslims.”  With these words Bishop Gérard Daucourt, Ordinary of Nanterre and member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, wished to recall the “fraternal” relations that Muslims and Christians should maintain, in a Message entitled “Christians and other believers in God”, published by the Conference of French Bishops on December 20.  Making his remarks before the terrorist attacks that bloodied the celebration of Christmas in predominantly Muslim regions (see the article, “No Christmas truce for anti-Christian violence”), the French prelate insisted that Islam should not be equated with terrorism.  He also said that he was saddened “that Catholic voices can be heard sowing mistrust of Muslims in general.”  In order to put an end to the repeated bloody attacks against Christians, Bishop Daucourt called for Catholics to “demand tirelessly religious freedom and freedom of conscience for all people everywhere, including all Muslim countries.”  (Sources : apic/ - DICI no. 228 dated January 22, 2011)

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