France: Bishops’ Plenary Meeting in Lourdes

Source: FSSPX News


The French Bishops’ Plenary Meeting is taking place in Lourdes from Saturday, November 3 through Thursday, November 8, in Lourdes. The bishops will divide into work groups on the following themes: “Priestly Ministry and Christian Communities’ Life” presided by Archbishop Albert Rouet of Poitiers; “Catholics and Muslims in Today’s France” presided by Bishop Michel Dubost of Evry; “The Training of Future Priests” presided by Bishop Pascal Roland of Moulins.

The Meeting will also receive officials of Catholic Assistance and the Catholic Committee Against Hunger and For Development, as well as the Secretary General for Catholic Education.

During the Plenary Meeting, the bishops will have to elect Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard’s successor, since his second term of office as President of the French Bishops’ Conference is coming to an end, and, according to the statutes, he cannot be re-elected. The bishops will also elect two vice-presidents, five members of the Permanent Council, and the Secretary General.

The members of the French Bishops’ Conference, namely bishops in active life, exercising their pastoral charge in France (metropolis and DOM) are members by right of the Plenary Meeting, with voting rights. Bishops in active life in the TOM and POM, and emeritus bishops having exercised their charge in France also take part in the Meeting but only as advisory members. Representatives of the religious Congregations in France and bishops from Bishops’ Conferences of other countries are invited. Directors of national services of the French Bishops’ Conference, and representatives from other Christian denominations are also present. (Source: CEF)