France: cathedrals fall into disrepair

Source: FSSPX News


A survey published by La Croix of April 21 has revealed the alarming state of some of France’s cathedrals. The maintenance grants allocated by the State have dropped by 12% between 2002 and 2005. Sites have been closed before the completion of work: at the cathedral of Meaux, the cathedral of Strasbourg…The cathedral of Périgueux where fragments of stone were falling onto the pavement, has asked for urgent action at the expense of the cathedrals of Bayonne and Bordeaux… The cathedrals of Orleans, Blois, Nevers, and Saint Cécile d’Albi will have to wait to receive their grants …

 Michel Clement, director of architecture and patrimony at the ministry of Culture, has stated that the grants paid for historic monuments have remained stable since 2000. If the State is the proprietor of 86 cathedrals, he said, and consecrates around 36 million euros per year to their upkeep, the sites can not all be financed at the same time. Not forgetting that the French State allocated exceptional funds following the damage caused by the storms in 1999.