France: Catholic Church Asks for Inheritance and Legacies

Source: FSSPX News

In 2008, the Catholic Church in France received 98 million euros in inheritance, legacies, and life-insurance contracts. The amount perceived thanks to donations of all kinds is much higher than that of the previous years, the French Bishop’s Conference announced in Paris on September 16.

These resources make up more than 20% of the budget of one fifth of the dioceses. Hence, on September 21,the French Bishops launched their second advertising campaign to end on November 1, to foster donations. The Church has planned ads in dailies and magazines, in reviews for elderly people, in specialized juridical reviews, as well as ads on TV and on the radio.

“Legacies are the future of the Church since they enable it to launch new projects and to fulfill its mission today and tomorrow,” Archbishop Hippolyte Simon of Clermont and vice-president of the French Bishops’ Conference had emphasized in 2008. In France, there are no Church taxes. The main sources of revenues of the Church are donations and church collections. Salaries represent the heaviest financial burden of the dioceses. (DICI n° 202 - 17/10/09 – Sources: apic/kna/cef)