France: Christine Pedotti takes over "Témoignage chrétien"

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Christine Pedotti.

Christine Pedotti took over as editor-in-chief at Témoignage chrétien [Christian Witness] on March 25 from her predecessor, Jérôme Anciberro. “We are delighted and proud to welcome her,” stated Bernard Stéphan and Jean-Pierre Mignard, sub-editors since last December. They also emphasized their intellectual attachment and their commitment to a Church in line with the promises of Vatican II, along with the author of the book Faut-il faire Vatican III? [Do we need Vatican III?]. They concluded, “The team at Témoignage chrétien wishes to work with everyone who has believed, since Pacem in terris (1963), in the vigour of Christ’s message to build a democratic brotherhood in accordance with the Church’s social teaching, in the burning need for ecumenism, and ever since the meeting of Assisi (1986), in interreligious dialogue.” [In 1952 already, the fearless parish priest of Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet, Monsignor François Ducaud-Bourget, condemned this “false Christian witness”. –Ed., 20th century].

Born in 1960 in the Ardennes, Christine Pedotti co-founded along with Anne Soupa the Comité de la jupe [Skirt committee] to fight discrimination against women in the Catholic Church. In 2009, also with Anne Soupa, she helped found the Conférence catholique des baptisé-e-s francophones (CCBF) [Catholic conference of baptized francophones] that reunites dissenting Catholics. In September 2012 she revealed in the book Ce Dieu que j’aime [This God I love] (Mediapaul) that she was the author of the novels about the Vatican published under the name Pietro de Paoli. Her latest work, La bataille du Vatican [Battle of the Vatican] appeared in 2012.

Faced with severe financial difficulties, Témoignage chrétien (which printed 7000 copies in 2012, according to the editor) was forced to set up an employment protection scheme in autumn 2012 before deciding to replace its biweekly 32-page publication with a biweekly 4-page black-and-white newsletter on current affairs and initiatives, accompanied by a monthly magazine focused on ideas and debates.

(Sources: – temoignagechretien – DICI no. 273, 12/04/13)

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