France: Complaint against the pastor of Domqueur

Source: FSSPX News


On December 13, the procurator of Amiens, France, demanded a 3,000-euro penalty before the Court of Appeals of Amiens against Fr. Philippe Sulmont, 83, “for having spoken about the Koran in scatological terms” in his parish bulletin of November 2004.

The League for the Rights of Man demanded 1 euro in damages, 1,000 euros for court costs and the publication of the condemnation in the local papers and in the parish bulletin. The case will go into deliberation on February 1, 2006.

Last June, the same League of the Rights of Man – the plaintiff of the case - had been refused in the first hearing before the criminal court of Abbeville. The complaint had been considered unacceptable. The public prosecutor’s office appealed this judgment.