France: Death of the recipient of the 66th miracle of Lourdes

Source: FSSPX News


On October 27, 2005, Dr. Patrick Theillier, head of the medical office of the sanctuaries announced by communiqué the death of Jean-Pierre Bély at the age of 69, a recipient of the 66th miracle of Lourdes recognized by the Catholic Church. Death came following a “new, grave, incurable illness, one having no relation to his initial condition.”

In 1987 the head of the neurological department of the hospital of Poitiers who had followed the patient, by then completely disabled, proclaimed “a neurological healing without any possible explanation” from multiple sclerosis. The case had been reported to the medical office of Lourdes in 1988 and, at the end of a long procedure, the international medical committee of Lourdes recognized the cure on November 15th, 1998. It was officially announced on February 9, 1999 by the bishop of the diocese of Angoulême, where Jean-Pierre Bély lived.