France: Does the devil collect church revenues in Nancy?

Source: FSSPX News

“To start a debate.”  That is how the spokesperson for the Diocese of Nancy (France) justified its latest publicity campaign for increasing church revenues:  “In 2010—Jesus crisis (sic)!  What the devil’s the matter with you?  Donate!”  This slogan, which appears in white on a red background, has made waves within the local Catholic community.  Françoise Penigaud, head of the diocesan press office, acknowledges that “people within the Church are sometimes shocked, but in no way can you say that we are blaspheming.”  The ad, devised by a communications agency, could be seen on a hundred or so billboards measuring 4 by 3 meters in the region of Meurthe-et-Moselle.  Its goal was to rejuvenate the list of donors, the median age of whom is presently 73.  “We said to ourselves, let’s push the envelope, not to shock people, but to start a debate so that people will question themselves” and respond favorably to the Catholic fundraising campaign in the region, which needs to collect 3.3 million Euros in order to pay its priests and lay employees in 2010.  (Sources : apic/La Croix – no. 216 dated June 5, 2010)