France: An ecumenical and feminine Lent

Source: FSSPX News


In Lyons this year, five women will give Lenten conferences which are aimed at setting the place of Mary in the Church and in the spiritual life. Besides two Catholic nuns and a theologian, an Orthodox woman and a female pastor will also be speaking.

Likewise at Besançon two nuns, two lay Catholics and a woman pastor will speak in the town’s churches.

At Notre Dame de Paris, on the theme "Who will make us see happiness?", the Archbishops of Lisbon, Vienna, Brussels and Paris will comment on the Beatitudes, and it will be the Orthodox Metropolitan Emmanuel who will give a talk on March 7.

The Archbishop of Lisbon who spoke on February 29, Mgr Policarpo, is not unknown, it was he who had quite a lively discussion with the MJCF (French Catholic Youth group) during the interreligious congress of Fatima, October 10-12, 2003 (see DICI n° 85). He was, moreover, presented by La Croix of February 28 as being very close to the Sant Egidio community, which has been organizing a world interreligious gathering every year since the Assisi meeting of 1986. It is thus that he invited them to organize their operation Ocean of Peace in Lisbon during the summer of 2000, and wrote the preface for the Portuguese translation of the latest book by Andrea Riccardi, president of Sant Egidio, the publication of which was widely publicized in the media last year in Lisbon.