France: An End to Therapeutic Cloning?

Source: FSSPX News


“This is certainly the best news of the past ten years. Jan Wilmut, the “father” of Dolly, the first cloned mammal, has decided to abandon human cloning as a method of human reproduction and in consequence, the creation of stock of embryonic stem cells.

“Let us recall what this is about. Cloning means creating embryos without the aid of sperm by injecting the nucleus of any cell into an ovum. This allows the fabrication of human embryos in order to use them for experimentation. Or even the creation in a laboratory of a human being cut off from any paternity, which is something which has not yet been achieved and which is quite possibly not feasible.

“The scientist made four statements:

1)      By cloning, we run the risk of transmitting or inducing genetic illnesses.

2)      The stock of embryonic stem cells is of no interest compared with so called adult stem cells which are found everywhere and which do not have the same drawbacks.

3)      It is possible to transform adult stem cells in such a way as to make them as efficient as embryonic stem cells.

4)     This kind of manipulation creates problems of an ethical nature.

 “So, the ‘pope’ of cloning condemns human cloning, judging it to be both pointless and immoral, even in the name of hypothetical therapeutic benefits.


“Now, Madame Valérie Pécresse has just inaugurated I Stem, directed by Dr. Peschanski to carry out precisely the research which Wilmut has condemned. I Stem is financed half by the taxpayer and the other half comes from Telethon. Peschanski himself is paid by Europe to carry out research for this purpose: that of embryonic cloning, known as “therapeutic”.

 “Let us recall Peschanski’s words in Science et Avenir of September 2005 (p.44): To demonstrate the usefulness of cloning, I am capable of doing this right now. Apparently Wilmut, the first biologist to have attempted such an experiment tells us precisely the contrary. This really is a bombshell in the ‘scientifically correct’ world.