France: Five satanic desecrations in Brittany

Source: FSSPX News


In the night of January 25 to 26, 63 tombs were desecrated in Saint-Thurien in Finistère. Satanic inscriptions (number 666, inverted crosses…) were discovered.

A mediaeval chapel in Morbihan was desecrated and entirely destroyed by arson, in the night of January 29 to 30. There also, the police reports finding satanic inscriptions and statues thrown upon the tombs. The chapel Saint-Guen, in Saint-Tugdual near Pontivy was built in 1540. Classified as a historical monument, it was being restored.

Marker inscriptions (inverted crosses, number 666…) were discovered on Saturday February 4, in the chapel of Saint-Guénaël in Guiscriff (Morbihan), where a stained-glass window had been broken according to Captain François Bernard, commandant of the constabulary in Pontivy. A cross and a piece of material were also burnt inside the chapel, he added.

On Friday 3rd, satanic inscriptions made with a felt marker were found on the walls of the church of Lanvénégen (Morbihan) and a glass pane of the church was broken.

Lastly, a Calvary was broken and a black inverted cross painted upon it, in Rosporden (Finistère).

The constabulary, who privileges the satanic track, points out that these five affairs all took place within a radius of some twenty miles between Finistère and Morbihan. All these desecrations were done in little frequented places, in rural areas. "It is possible that the facts happened at the same time and that some have been found out a few days later", the private secretary of the prefect of Morbihan said to France Presse press agency, who alluded to "possible links" between the different desecrations, "because many elements agree".

Some 300 people gathered in the afternoon of Sunday February 5, in the presence of Bishop Raymond Centène of Vannes, to pray before the ruins of the chapel Saint-Guen in Saint-Tugdual.