France :The group “Yes to the family, no to homofolly” communiqué

Source: FSSPX News



Yes to the family, no to homofolly

 Determined to obtain legal and social recognition of the so-called equality of gay and lesbian couples with couples formed naturally of a man and a woman, but concerned about the indignation which this intolerable demand arouses, homosexual pressure groups have used certain incidents, grave and reprehensible certainly, but nonetheless isolated, in order to force the government to introduce a bill, so-called against homophobia. The exposition of motives of this bill recognizes that the current penal system is perfectly qualified to act against “discriminatory and violent acts,” as well as threats having as targets homosexuals, and their property, but wants to extend these measures to “intentions or messages of the same nature which…may incite such acts.”

 Anticipating penalizing these “provocative, insulting or abusive words and messages” voiced against a person or group of people “because of their sexual orientation,” the bill aims, in fact, at banning all public debate on homosexual marriage and the adoption of children by gay and lesbian couples (opposition to this adoption will be considered discriminatory, and reasons put forward to justify such opposition, insulting, even slanderous) and at shielding the homosexual circle from all opposition. It could notably be considered punishable, as insulting or abusive, all public protests by parents or teachers against homosexual publicity, targeting in particular, the young, and the expression of negative judgements on the very nature of homosexuality, which will have to be defined, in public judgements, as a choice, just as natural as heterosexuality and equally legitimate.

 On the pretext of not tolerating any attack against human dignity, the government bill reveals itself to be

On the legal level

* liberticidal: freedom of judgment has not to be victimized more as regards sexual orientation than political orientation, for example; the confusion with anti-Semitism or racism is therefore abusive: homosexuality is a choice of behavior and not a quality naturally given;

* iniquitous: it concerns protection of the marginal choices of sexual life of a minority, protection which has never been granted to adulterous spouses, incestuous couples, divorced couples, one parent or “recomposed” families, or even … traditional families ;

* on the social level, resolutely opposed to the common good: if the homosexual preference is of the domain of private right, it is not up to the State to promote a choice which challenges the family, the place of perpetuation of human procreation and thus of the survival of a nation, and which also challenges the psychological and moral equilibrium of young people;

* from the moral viewpoint, unacceptable: it is clear that the bill intends to prevent parents and spiritual leaders from recalling the overwhelming evidence that there is in the order of Creation of mankind, an essential, vital and immutable distinction between the two sexes, and therefore that the acts of union between two persons of the same sex, and more broadly, sodomy, are against nature and constitute even as such, an attack on human dignity.

 It is therefore important to condemn as strongly as possible all plans for the legalization of a pseudo homosexual marriage, as well as all plans for the adoption of children by gay and lesbian couples. The child has been, since the dawn of time, the fruit of the natural union of the couple, man and woman. To deliberately deprive him of the right to live with this natural couple, to reduce him to the state of a product of biotechnological production and a consumer object at the mercy of every purchaser wanting to satisfy the selfishness of his own disordered desires, is to exert on him a cowardly and criminal violence. We will not accept this crime.