France: Half of diocesan priests are more than 75 years old

Source: FSSPX News

According to a statistical study published by La Croix of May 22, half of the 14,000 diocesan priests in France are more than 75 years old. On average there is one priest for every 5,200 inhabitants, but certain dioceses are already in the position of mission dioceses, such as Saint Denis, in the Paris Region, where there is only one priest for more than 20,000 inhabitants. The number of annual ordinations recedes each year: only 89 new priests in 2004. By contrast, the number of permanent deacons and foreign priests increases, thus in Pontoise, 62 diocesan priests are assisted by 51 foreign (mainly Polish and African) priests. (Source: The Cross - DICI n°216 of the 05/06/10)