France: Italian View of Christianophobia

Source: FSSPX News

The Vaticanist Marco Tosatti, hardly suspected of sympathy for the faithful attached to Tradition, on the Vatican Insider site on October 29, 2011 expressed his support of those who demonstrated in Paris against the play by Romeo Castellucci:

“I would like to point out that I do not usually agree with the communiqués, stances, and condemnations expressed by the Society of St. Pius X; in fact I very rarely do.  However, it seems to me that this time, they are right in their defense of the protest that is taking place against the Parisian theatre.  The French newspaper, La Croix has defined as ‘integralists’ those people who have protested and continue to protest, and this proves that they are, how should I say, second rate Catholics, with some kind of original sin for which they have never been punished.  And according to the newspaper, the French bishops ‘are distancing themselves’ from the demonstrations.”

“I consider this position to be weak and indicative of some kind of inferiority complex. And I am not just saying this as an a priori defence of the sacred, the holy images.  I believe that covering the face of someone who is very important to many people in feces is an act of violence.  Not just towards the image, but towards the people themselves.  Such an act implies someone coming along and saying: ‘You love him; you venerate him; and you consider him to be essential.  This is what I have done to your face, I have covered it in shit. (sic).’”

“The philosophy of tolerance, of the understanding of others, of political correctness, would prevent people in a play, from pouring excrement over a Menorah or on the Koran, let alone over the face of an important rabbi or of Mohammed.  And justifiably so, since behaviour of this kind would be branded as ‘hate speech,’ not so much towards faith in the abstract, but towards those who practice it.  Why, in secular France which professes itself to be tolerant and progressive, do we allow such violent hate speech against Christians?  Why allow citizens who are like any others to be offended without punishing those responsible?”

"The answer, unfortunately, is simple and clear, and it was given by Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, whose school of thought French bishops could benefit from following: Christians, Catholics in particular, are already “fair game” in the Western world.  And in secular France, la liberté is a sacred thing to practically everyone, but with regards to Christians, of course—and for them only—l’égalité and la fraternité are clearly of lesser importance.”(Source: : - trad. En: - DICI No. 244 of 11/11/11).

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