France: Lenten conferences at Notre Dame de Paris in 2006

Source: FSSPX News


On December 23, the diocese of Paris announced their Lenten program for 2006. Mgr. André Vingt-Trois, archbishop of Paris, has taken as a title the phrase “Behold the Man” (John 19:5) spoken by the Roman procurator Pilate during the Passion of Christ.

 Each conference will be given by two speakers. They will each talk for approximately twenty minutes. The last talk will be a synthesis of the five preceding conferences.

 The archbishop of Paris has invited personalities from the world of medicine, the arts, literature, philosophy and theology to speak about the human condition on the basis of their convictions, Christian or not, and their search for the truth.

 March 5: Introduction to the Lenten Conferences, by Mgr. André Vingt-Trois; “Being different” with Jean Vanier and Axel Kahn.

March 12: “Becoming” with Marguerite Lena and Michel Serres.

March 19: “Suffering” with Anne-Marie Pelletier and Julia Kristeva

March 26: “Dying” with Fr. Brice de Malherbe and Marie de Hennezel

April 2: “Hoping” with Fr. Henry de Villefranche and Claude Vigée.

April 9: “Living” with Mgr. Pierre d’Ornellas.

 Four women will speak during these conferences, originally initiated by Fr. Lacordaire: Marguerite Léna, philosopher; Anne-Marie Pelletier, professor emeritus of modern literature at the university of Marne la Vallée and professor of Biblical exegesis at the Cathedral School of Paris; Julia Kristeva, psychoanalyst and writer; Marie de Hennezel, psychologist and author of a paper on accompanying the dying.