France: A mosque in Nice?

Source: FSSPX News


On December 10, some “Muslim citizens of Nice” from the group “Nice Fraternity” gathered in front of the Nice city hall to deliver to their elected officials a petition of “3,001 signatures” in favor of the construction of a mosque downtown”.

The petitioners wanted to surpass the 3,000 signatures collected over the last few weeks by a local committee “Nice-Heart of the City” opposed to the creation of a mosque in the city center because of the “risk of parking problems”.

Jacques Peyrat, senator-mayor of Nice, had affirmed at the beginning of November in the daily Le Monde: “This is not the right time to erect an Islamic center in the very heart of Nice, considering the recent riots and the rise of radical Islam. I will oppose any construction of a mosque in Nice”. At the time, the mayor had responded to the proposed construction of a mosque by the Moubarak Association in a building of 800 square meters, which was for sale in the center of Nice, declaring that he was prepared to use his veto powers.

The group SOS Racism lodged a complaint against the statement of the mayor. “We’ve been asking for a mosque now for fifteen years for the 20,000 Muslims of Nice. Many proposals have already been blocked. This cannot go on”, declared Razak Fetnan, one of the initiators of the petition-drive, to the AFP.

Nice has, according to Muslim associations, around ten places of prayer, only one of which, a small one, is downtown. “On Fridays, more than 500 people pray there on the sidewalk”. These associations have about thirty prayer halls in the French department of Alpes Maritimes.