France: A New Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Paris

Source: FSSPX News

After four years of procedures and diverse appeals, the Russian Federation and the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte presented on January 17, 2014, the plans for a Russian Orthodox center in Paris.

The final project, which received the approval of French authorities last December, has replaced the one chosen in 2012 (see DICI no.249 Fe. 3, 2012). Faced with reproaches as to the esthetics, especially from the Township of Paris, the Russian Federation finally withdrew its first request for a building permit in November 2013.

The new plans announce four separate buildings: a cultural center, a church, a cultual center that includes an amphitheater, a library and offices for the clergy, and a French-Russian school destined to welcome 150 Russian-speaking Parisian students. Five golden domes are to be built and the highest cross will reach 35 meters.

The project, whose cost could rise to 100 million euros, is to be realized by the company Bouygues, and the interior frescos are to be the work of Russian artists.

Situated on the Branly quai, on the former site of the Météo France center, the future Russian Orthodox center planned by the Russian Federation should be built within two years.

(sources: apic/lacroix/afp/liberation –DICI no.290 Feb. 14, 2014)