France: The Observatory of the Religious Danger

Source: FSSPX News

The Observatory of the Religious Patrimony (OPR) that made it its goal to make an inventory of France's inestimable religious patrimony on the website, has called for help from internet users to realize this inventory.  The procedure is simple and very clearly explained, a new folder can be created if the edifice is not already in the list, or an existing folder can be completed if necessary.  All one has to do is insert observations on the architectural style (classic, gothic, byzantine, etc.) or on the remarkable elements (staircase, pulpit, windows, etc.)  One can annex photos and notes on the present day religious life (contact info, Masses and opening hours).  These elements will then be confirmed.

The Observatory also makes known actions and campaigns for the protection of endangered buildings, be they in need of important reparations, or under risk of being closed down and abandoned. “Do you know of an endangered religious building, a building left to complete abandonment or threatening ruins, to the denaturing or deterioration of the artistic value of the furniture... ALERT opinions by sending a wake-up message!”, suggest those responsible for the website.

In order to do this, this multi-confessional association that is opening in favor of the knowledge and protection of the French religious patrimony, created in January 2011 an endowment fund in its name.  This allows it to develop its action in the service of the religious patrimony, which is at present the most endangered patrimony in France.  Confronted with a new outbreak of plans for destruction of religious monuments, the OPR wishes thus to be able to grow in proportion to its safeguarding work.

“To develop the knowledge of the religious patrimony, to contribute more to its influence and to ensure its protection, such is the mission of the OPR, now provided for by its endowment Fund,” declared Béatrice de Andia, President-Foundress of the Observatory of the Religious Patrimony. (sources: apic/valeursactuelles/LaCroix – DICI#236, June 11, 2011)