France: A Parish Priest Refuses a Voodoo Exposition in His Church

Source: FSSPX News

Fr. Philippe Roche, pastor of St. Tugdual Cathedral in Tréguier (Côtes-d’Armor in Brittany), was able to preserve St. Anthony’s Chapel in Pommerit-Jaudy from an exposition in honor of Voodoo primitive art.  Organized by the city council and sponsored by Unesco, this exposition was supposed to be in place from March 2 to April 6, 2012.  On February 19, in a letter addressed to André La Moal, mayor of the commune, the pastor declared that “this exposition on the Voodoo cult did not seem compatible with the respect due to a place of Catholic worship.  Indeed, for Christians, the Voodoo religion is a pagan religion, still very active in certain parts of the world where it leads people to commit veritable acts of barbarism.”

In order to spare the chapel, the pastor warned that he would no longer celebrate the Mass of annual pardon on September 9, if the exposition were held.  If the chapel belongs to the commune of Pommerit-Jaudy, “the town council can do what it deems right,” explained the pastor of the cathedral of Tréguier; “however, if an activity is contrary to the Christian faith, as is this exposition connected with the idolatrous Voodoo cult, then I can refuse to celebrate any further ceremonies there.” The threat was taken all the more seriously since the Mass of pardon is a major event every year for this little village of 1,100 inhabitants.

In the end, the 150 cultural objects from Benin, including statues, musical instruments, finery and Voodoo religious objects, have nonetheless been exposed since March 1, and until April 6, in an unused chapel that belongs to the commune. (sources: apic/égramme de Brest/ouestfrance – DICI#252, March 30, 2012)