France: For "The Passion", but against depraved passions

Source: FSSPX News


For the sake of keeping the peace, and “to take into account the demands of these people who were shocked”, the Gaumont cinema has just yielded to the demands of traditionalist Catholics of the Society of Saint Pius X. The latter were horrified by the broadcasting of a trailer for the next film by Pedro Almodovar – dealing with the subject of pedophilia within a religious institution – just before the sulphurous Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson, which they ardently defended. The local branch of these integrists, followers of the late Archbishop Lefebvre and led by Fr. Marc Vernoy, reacted sharply and obtained a surprising result from the national direction of Gaumont. Last Saturday, only three days after the successful launching of The Passion, the trailer for La Mauvaise Education was withdrawn just before the film and only for this film. And this, in all the halls of the Hexagon…

“They sent emails from Montpellier, and telephoned the head office in Paris, strangely, they did not contact us directly, and I do not know who it was. Following this, the trailer was withdrawn from screenings of The Passion, their demand was taken into consideration, because we are not here to provoke; these people are perhaps more sensitive to this subject,” said Pierre Devaux-Lemonnier, in charge of the Gaumont halls in Montpellier. But the trailer will be shown in other halls, and we will be distributing Almodovar’s film, that is the main thing.”

For all that, the traditionalists did not beat about the bush. Telephone calls, emails, letters… with this written appeal to boycott the film, which must have carried weight: “Do not go to the Gaumont cinemas to see The Passion of the Christ, go elsewhere, because just before it starts, they show an abominable trailer against the Catholic Church and in favor of homosexuality.”

Contacted yesterday afternoon, Fr. Vernoy, prior of the Society at Fabrègues, who is not on his first crusade, confirmed that it was indeed he who was the source of the lobbying. “I just picked up the phone and called the Gaumont. I told them what I thought, that it was obviously intentional, and really offensive”, he said. He summed up well the sentiments of the group of viewers: “To oblige people to see things that they have not come to see, which ridicule Christian education and endorse homosexual practices. People are violated in their conscience.” (Y.P.)

- “To lobby or not to lobby?”, to all those who ask themselves this eternal question, the prior of Fabrègues provides an effective and rapid response.