France: Pentecost Monday, the fight goes on !

Source: FSSPX News


In a letter dated November 7, and addressed to all the priests of the Society of St. Pius X in France, Fr. De Cacqueray declared: “M. Raffarin’s plan consists in removing Pentecost Monday for the state employees, from 2005, whereas for the wage earners in the private sector, a preliminary agreement would be necessary, - failing that, Pentecost Monday would have to be worked. This prospect does not suit us at all.

“Let us react first of all with prayers against this threat, which will contribute even more to the effacement of the stamp of Catholicism on our calendar, and let us use other means at our disposal. In a democratic régime, several thousand letters of protest count, even so. The discontent already manifested just about everywhere has led to a half-hearted measure. We must step up the pressure in order to secure the complete suppression of the plan.

“Those who believe that everything is always lost in advance, never achieve victory!”

The district superior invites more than ever all the faithful to send the Prime Minister a letter of protest, examples of which they will find on the press tables of priories of the Society of St.Pius X .