France: A priest challenges the bishop of Autun

Source: FSSPX News


A priest from Chalon, in Saône-et-Loire, Fr. Stéphane Boyer is taking advantage of the imminent resignation of the bishop of Autun, Mgr. Raymond Séguy, to draw up a very critical report on the situation in the diocese, and to call for a form of audit.

 “The future has always to be reinvented. If in our Church, Rome appoints Church dignitaries often without local consultation, nothing is going to stop us saying what we expect from a new bishop”. Fr. Stéphane Boyer, a priest at the parish of Notre Dame de Lumière in Chalon, has just sent to 300 people, a letter in which he launches an appeal “for everyone to make his opinions known on how he lives his faith, those who wish can put forward a petition, and say what they expect of a new bishop for the service of our Church and the people who live in Saône-et-Loire.”

 Mgr. Séguy, who reached the age limit of 75 years on December 8, has presented his resignation to Rome. “They are going to change the bishop and there will be no consultation. We must act for others and not for the institution. I am not seeking to conform to the norm. The people must be listened to at grass roots, we won’t help anyone by keeping quiet,” said this priest unashamedly, who was ordained twelve years ago. The petition which he is demanding is directed at the government of his bishop: “He has not been federative enough and has given many pledges to the traditionalists. He has set himself up as an authoritative father figure … He has not listened to us much, our everyday experiences with the people have not reached as far as Autun…We should be collaborating with the bishop, we need to communicate more, there is a colossal task to be carried out.”

 When this clergyman, dressed in jeans and sneakers and sporting an earring, is asked what he wants, he says: “I am waiting for a bishop who might be capable of dialogue and of listening to all human situations, someone who can work in a team and who encourages new initiatives, he should be humble, accessible to the people…” He concluded “I want the future to be better”.