France: A Priest of the Society of St. Pius X Blesses the Tour de France Cyclists

Source: FSSPX News

Fans of the Tour de France may have recognized him on their television screens on Friday, July 16. While the racing cyclists were crossing the Ardeche in the middle of the afternoon, the cameras paused for a few moments along the side of the road on Fr. Dominique Lagneau, who then blessed the cyclists’ passage with a fine sign of the cross broadcast throughout the world! The preacher of Ignatian retreats at the Gastines Priory (Maine-et-Loire) was vacationing at his parents’ and had simply wished to watch the passage of the famous bicycle race… “Like everybody else, I stood alongside the road,” he told us the same evening. “Suddenly the TV crew in charge of the broadcast stopped where I was standing and asked me to bless the racers as they sped by… I can tell you that I did not need to be asked twice!” (Sources:  France Télévisions / private sources – DICI, No. 219, July 24, 2010)