France : Pro-abortion publicity in Paris metro

Source: FSSPX News


The poster campaign, launched on January 17 by the regional council of Ile-de- France, carries the slogan : “Sexuality, contraception, abortion. A right, my choice, our freedom”

 The bishops of Ile-de France gave their reaction through a communiqué in which they declared : “Promoting abortion is relinquishing our responsibilities” “Abortion is not a commonplace episode in a woman’s life, it is always a trauma and an upset. For women, for couples and for society. Is it responsible on the part of certain elected representatives to support an advertising campaign which seeks to persuade people that this is progress?  And even worse actually promotes it?” and it goes on : “Too many women are finding themselves lost when faced with a pregnancy they cannot cope with. Their distress cannot be presented as a freedom.  There are associations which endeavor to help them to keep their baby and to accompany them, whatever happens. These associations deserve to be supported”.

A spokesman for Life Parade, an association which fights for the family and for life, said they were shocked by the advertising campaign, which “is selling” abortion. According to him, public money would be better used “for listening to and accompanying women in distress (rather) than confining themselves to organizing abortions”.

The Ile-de-France region accounts for 25% of abortions in France. The campaign of 600 posters on display in the Paris metro and the RER (the Paris metropolitan and regional rail system) in the suburbs has been financed with public money to the tune of 300,000 euros. (Sources : Zenit/Apic)