France: Religious funerals in decline

Source: FSSPX News

Religious funeral ceremonies have fallen by 5% in France since 2008, according to a study carried out by Pompes Funebres Generales, a French undertakers’ association, published on October 29, 2013. Interviewed by French daily Le Figaro, sociologist Tanguy Châtel estimated that the statistics are in fact holding relatively steady, since 70% of the French are still opting for religious funerals. “In fance, we attach a great deal of importance to the recognition of death, much more than for marriage, for instance,” stated the researcher, who also pointed out that “the majority of the generation now buried received a religious education, so the religious funeral follows.”

The study also revealed that cremation is beginning to replace burial: 36% of deceased persons were cremated, as opposed to 28% in 2008. Tanguy Châtel believes that we must anticipate a growing secularization of funerals. He refers to today’s habit of “introducing, more and more frequently, profane texts in religious ceremonies.” And the ceremonies themselves were more and more frequently led by lay persons (+12% since 2008).

(Sources: – Le Figaro – DICI no. 285, 22/11/13)