France: "Témoignage chrétien" on the Brink of Collapse

Source: FSSPX News


The progressivist weekly Témoignage chrétien has launched an urgent appeal for help in its February 19 issue, with this title dominating the front page: “Is this the demise of Témoignage chrétien?” “The mere consideration of our finances gives the journal no more than a few months hope of survival,” writes Hubert Debbasch, its director since last October.
“We need Témoignage chrétien,” say several political figures who have signed a document on the existence of the magazine “today under threat.” “It is possible and indeed vital to save it and to expand it. This is why we address ourselves to all of those who wish its continuation. At a worrying moment under pressure from conservatism and a serious decline in the Christian churches, we truly have need of Témoignage chrétien,” add the signatories, including the former President of the European Commission Jacques Delors (French Socialist Party), the geneticist Axel Kahn, the national secretary of the Green Party Cécile Duflot, the Socialist Party spokesman Benoît Hamon, the former bishop of Amiens Jacques Noyer and the Communist senator Jack Ralite.
The weekly paper launched a subscription appeal to its readers promising a gradual return to kiosks, from where it will be absent from March 12. It also proposes they become stockholders of the journal through a minimum payment of 10,000 Euros.
Témoignage chrétien is held mainly by the Christian Association Témoignage which includes such stockholders as the tour operator Jacques Maillot and the travel agency Terre Entière.
(Source: AFP )