France. The tribunal sides with the blasphemers and dismisses AGRIF

Source: FSSPX News


The correctional tribunal of Paris on Tuesday, May 13 dismissed the suit of the Catholic association AGRIF, which initiated a suit for religious defamation against the designers of a publicity poster for the film Amen, by Costa-Gavras, presented in February 2002. (cf. DICI 47 of March 22, 2002, available only in French).

The poster for the film has a black background with a red Christian cross whose three upper arms resemble the arms of a swastika, in which are shown the two principal actors. L’AGRIF rightly considers this a case of “assimilation of the swastika and the cross of Christ”.

According to the tribunal “Catholics, or more generally today’s Christians, are not the target of so-called defamatory imputation” on which the tribunal, moreover, does not pronounce. The tribunal judged that there was no stigma that would last for generations” as a result of the poster.

At the hearing of February 21 the Public Prosecutor had already dared to affirm that only an “extrapolation” or an intellectual “short-cut” could permit one to see in the poster a case of religious defamation.

This is tantamount to saying that Catholics are paranoid and narrow-minded.

One cannot even imagine the universal outcry that would be provoked by a similar attack against Islam.