France: “Vocations’ Trailer” in the Diocese of Le Havre

Source: FSSPX News

On the occasion of the year for priests placed under the patronage of the Holy Cure of Ars, a “Vocations’ Trailer” is crisscrossing the roads of the diocese of Le Havre, from November until June, to meet the population and present the role of the priest. “The idea is to make the priest known and to do away with preconceived ideas about the priest’s ministry,” explained Fr. Philippe Herondelle, parish priest of Harfleur and director of the diocesan Vocation Department. In each parish visited, the trailer stays for a week at the disposal of the young from junior high schools and from high schools, to show them another figure of the priest. It allows them to question themselves about his mission, his celibacy and obedience, as well as on the commitment of a whole life.
“Usually, we organize conferences or presentations about the role of the priest inside our churches. This time, we want to go on the public square to make possible a dialogue not only with parishioners, but with the population,” explained Bishop Michel Guyard, of Le Havre. The organizers hope that 4,000 young boys from 11 to 18 years old will go to meet the trailer. In the diocese of Le Havre, the year particularly devoted to vocations will end with a prayer vigil on June 29… for lack of ordination in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Le Havre. (DICI  n° 206 - 12/17/2009 – Source Apic)