France: when laicism becomes an obstacle to the expansion of Islam

Source: FSSPX News


A group of intellectuals made an appeal for the law of separation of Churches and State (law of 1905) to be maintained. Reactions were not long in coming. On Wednesday, the advocates of a revision answered in the media that the with the rise of Islam the religious horizon had been profoundly modified since the last century.

For the advocates of a revision, the religious situation has been profoundly changed in France over the past century. The legislation had not foreseen the rise of other religions like Islam. This is why the secretary of State UMP Pierre Bédier, the socialists mayors Manuel Valls in Evry and Georges Frêche in Montpellier judge that the legislation must allow the town councils to pay for the erection of mosques. Such a measure, according to them, would help to avoid marginalizing the Muslims. It is difficult to grasp the logic of such a request which is incorrect according to the freemasonic principles.