France/USA: Subscription for a film on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Source: FSSPX News

The Society of St. Pius X's district of France, in partnership with the district of the United States, has started the project of producing a film on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  Fr. Regis de Cacqueray says why:

“The district of France is planning to produce a movie on the life of this amazing bishop sometimes called the “rebel bishop”, who was Apostolic Delegate of the great Pope Pius XII, Archbishop of Dakar, Superior General of the Fathers of the Holy Spirit and an active participant in Vatican Council II.

“Why a film? Because in these days of the internet where everything is visual, it has become indispensable to reveal to our younger generations, by means of a channel familiar to them, how one man was able to stand up against all the powers-that-be: the power of numbers, the power of money, the power of the 'politically and religiously correct'.

Why this film? To reestablish the facts in their context.  To honor Archbishop Lefebvre and do him justice.  To make known to the largest possible audience the extraordinary love for the Church  lived daily by a Catholic priest.

“This project has obtained the support and the encouragement of His Excellency Bernard Fellay who has given all the authorisations necessary for its realisation. […]

"We do not hide the fact that all this work has a price even if many of those involved offer their services for free.  And I invite you to participate in the costs, be it by making available to us any documents that you might have in your possession, or by a donation to the Association for the Defense of the Christian Patrimony [ADPC] who is managing this project with us.  We need 50,000 euros.”

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