Francis Confirms Benedict XVI’s Master of Ceremonies in His Functions

Source: FSSPX News

There had been talk of dismissal, but Monsignor Guido Marini, Benedict XVI’s right-hand man whom he chose as Master of Pontifical Liturgical Ceremonies, was confirmed in his functions for a third five-year term.


Several weeks ago, writes Andrea Tornielli in La Stampa, and after the Holy Father’s decision had already been made known to the concerned party, “rumours on a possible change [of master of ceremonies] had spread inside the Vatican palaces.” 

Actually, explains the Vaticanist, “the relationship between the Pope and his master of ceremonies remains solid” and Francis “appreciates [his] fidelity.”

Born in 1965, Guido Marini studied at the seminary of Genoa, where he obtained his diploma in Theology. Ordained a priest in 1989, he obtained his doctorate at the Lateran University and a B.A in the psychology of communication from the Salesian University in 2007.

Special Secretary of the Archbishops of Genoa, archiepiscopal chancellor, nominated in 2007 in Rome at Benedict XVI’s request, Monsignor Marini is known for his kindness, but also for his commitment to putting into practice Pope Ratzinger’s liturgical ideas. He was able to adapt to Francis’ style and has thus been confirmed in his functions.