Francis: The Pope Who Loves to Tweet

Source: FSSPX News

On December 12, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet. Five years later, the account @Pontifex exists in 9 languages and has more than 43 million followers.


Archbishop Angelo Becciu, Substitute for General Affairs of the Holy See Secretariat of State, reminisced with Vatican Radio on Twitter’s first hours in the apostolic palaces:

I remember being with Pope Benedict: he was a little clumsy pushing the buttons on the tablet. But at the same time I saw him very joyful. He was happy to be able to dialogue with netizens and to be part of the new wave of modern communications.

As for Francis, Archbishop Becciu said he does not play around with social media, and he

...isn’t familiar with the new technologies; he is, nevertheless, interested. He wants to see; to be up-to-date; I think that the Pope is conscious of being an evangelizer, the first missionary of the world. Therefore, for him...all instruments that can bring his evangelizing word are good.

The archbishop recalled that the Holy Father has warned the faithful – and especially priests – many times of the danger of “abusing these instruments”, inviting all to use them with “wisdom” and “in their proper measure”. 

“The pope reads the Tweets he is to publish with joy and approves them with great enthusiasm,” concluded Archbishop Becciu.