FSSPX News Wishes You a Blessed Feast of All Saints

Source: FSSPX News

The following is taken from a sermon of St. Bede the Venerable (673-735) for the feast of All Saints, found in the Roman Breviary in the 4th lesson of Matins.

Today, dear brethren, we celebrate the feast of All Saints with the joy of a shared solemnity.

Their society delights the heavens, their protection comforts the earth, and their triumph crowns the Holy Church.

The more their profession of Faith was enclosed in torments, the more radiance they have in glory. For as the violence of battle grows, so the honor of the fighters is also increased.

The numerous tortures of martyrdom increase its triumph, and the more dreadful pains obtain the more delightful rewards.

Our Mother the Catholic Church, spread throughout all the world—to whom Jesus Christ, her head, taught by His example not to fear the affronts, nor the crosses, nor death—is more and more strengthened not by resistance, but by patience.

To encourage all those legions of renowned athletes, thrown into prison like criminals, and to stir them all to maintain the fight with the same fervor and equal courage, she inspired them with the holy ambition of glorious triumph.