Fuso subito !

Source: FSSPX News

A statue of John Paul II has been erected at the Termini train station in Rome.  This bronze sculpture, more than 5 meters [16 feet] tall, is the work of the Roman artist Oliviero Rainaldi.  It was dedicated in the presence of the Cardinal-Vicar of Rome, Agostino Vallini, and of the mayor of the city, Gianni Alemano, on May 18.  Since then public opinion has been unanimously against it.  According to an online poll by the daily newspaper La Reppublica, 91% of the readers do not like it.

The head of John Paul II appears on top of a sort of large empty box that forms something like a shelter.  Some journalists thought that this modern, semi-abstract style put off the Romans, who would have liked a better, more realistic likeness.  Quite the contrary, I’m afraid!  Rainaldi’s work seems to them too close to the reality that the Church presents today:  a head at the summit of a large, empty body, with a dwindling clergy and deserted sanctuaries.  That is why the vox populi, after shouting “santo subito” is now crying “fuso subito” to have the thing melted down right away !

Fr. Alain Lorans