Gay Pride Flag to Fly Over Catholic Schools in Toronto

Source: FSSPX News

The management of the Toronto Catholic District School Board

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is a Catholic school district bringing together institutions in Toronto itself and Ontario, comprising 201 schools. With 91,000 students, TCDSB is one of the largest school districts in Canada, and the largest publicly funded Catholic school district in the world.

But the title of “Catholic” is not a guarantee, especially today after the Second Vatican Council, of a school teaching in accordance with the doctrine of the Church. This is what the parents of students enrolled in a school under the TCDSB are experiencing.

In fact, the district trustees voted, on May 6, to declare the month of June as “pride month” and to fly the gay rainbow pride flag at all its schools during the month of June. The recommendation was adopted by 7 votes to 5.

Among the delegates present at the meeting was former Premier of Ontario and current MPP Kathleen Wynne, a lesbian who, as a former Minister of Education ten years ago, was responsible for launching a pro-homosexual strategy.

It encouraged school boards to participate in gay pride parades, to use texts by gay authors, and to introduce gay-straight alliance clubs in schools. Pro-gay Toronto city councilor Kristyn Wong-Tam was also in attendance.

Opposing voices were raised, however, such as that of Fr. Michael Simoes, who said such a decision would “fatally undermine the mission of TCDSB.” Wherever “this flag is raised, he added, traditional beliefs about life and family are compromised and ultimately suppressed.”

Other advisers protested the move, but were unsuccessful.

Parents and faithful Catholics also lashed out against Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto. In a letter to officials he admittedly wrote that parents “make a clear choice when deciding whether their children will attend a Catholic school. They rightly expect school counselors, principals, and teachers to ensure that Catholic education is presented, lived, and infused into everything we do.”

But in the last paragraph of his letter, he finally tells administrators they can do whatever they want. He did not threaten any sanctions, neither before nor after.

Parents who are more or less distraught and teachers who are faithful to Catholic doctrine see no other avenue than legal recourse. And in the long term, the creation of an alternative private school system led by faithful Catholic priests, sisters, and teachers.

Finally, let us recall that this month of June, during which “Catholic” administrators want to float the banner of ignominy under the noses of the children entrusted to them, is the month devoted to the Sacred Heart, which makes this gesture even more abominable and detestable.