Gender Ideology or Organized Crime

Source: FSSPX News

A major scandal in a clinic in London, UK, has brought to light one of the most criminal aspects of gender ideology: young adolescents have been prescribed hormone inhibitors in order to block their normal development and change their gender identity.

As Georges Orwell notes in his book 1984, all ideology has its “newspeak.” Thus, to establish gender dictatorship, the term “gender dysphoria” was created and now appears in medicine to describe the discomfort or distress of a patient who might feel there is mismatch between their biological sex and identity.

In London, “patients,” sometimes very young, are cared for by the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock & Portman clinic. It is there, according to the Sky News channel as relayed by the main British media on December 12, 2019, that a major scandal has just broken out: since 2016, thirty-five psychologists have left the establishment after having observed seriously perfunctory and negligent assessments of patients.

In 10 years, the number of adolescents who have been prescribed hormone treatments under the false pretext of “gender dysphoria,” have risen from 77 to 2,590, or a 34 fold increase.

The psychologists who have resigned confided their fears to the press: “the young people were over-diagnosed and over-medicalized,” said one of them, while another added that he was “extremely concerned about the consequences for these young people. ...Looking back, there are teenagers who should never have been prescribed such drugs.”

The purpose of improperly prescribed hormone inhibitors is to block the natural evolution of the child at puberty, in order to give him time to choose his future “sexual identity,” which hormone therapy would allow to be entirely made up.

If psychological balance is in no way likely to be the result of such a heavy treatment, the probability of developing cancer and remaining sterile, meanwhile, is very present.

The Telegraph printed an enlightening testimony from Thomassin, a teenager, touched like millions of others by the “discontent” of her age, but who had the misfortune of being entrusted to the sorcerer’s-apprentices of the GIDS: “Mainly the thing that was fueling me was that I didn't fit in and then I was slowly drip fed this idea that you could change sex.”

Thomassin knew how to say no, refuse all treatment and remain herself. Unfortunately, not all of them had this common sense from the beginning.

The gender ideology business thus reveals the hideous features of its true face: those of vice, crime, and the lure of gain.