Germany: Bishop Williamson Condemned by Regensburg’s Tribunal

Source: FSSPX News

The public prosecutor’s department of Regensburg, in Southern Germany, had asked the local tribunal to condemn Bishops Richard Williamson for “incitement to racial hatred” — during his interview broadcasted by the Swedish TV channel SVT on January 21,2009 —  Johann Plod, the tribunal’s president, explained on October 15.
On October 27, German justice condemned Bishop Williamson to a 12,000 € fine. The tribunal responded favorably to the request of the public prosecutor of Regensburg. Bishop Williamson has two weeks to lodge an appeal. If he makes use of this recourse, the procedure includes an audit. As the Journal du dimanche (JDD) (French newspaper, translator’s note) noted in its online edition, “the judgment of the tribunal took place the day following the opening of the discussion with the traditionalists of the Society of St. Pius X at the Vatican, Society to which Bishop Williamson belongs.” (DICI n° 2004 - 13/11/09 – Sources: JDD/Apic/La Croix)