Germany: Bishop Williamson Convicted

Source: FSSPX News

On 16 April the Local Court of Regensburg condemned Bishop Richard Williamson to pay a fine of 10,000 euros for “incitement to racial hatred,” because of his remarks of January 2009 on Swedish television about the existence of gas chambers and the number of Jews who perished in the concentration camps.

His lawyer, Matthias Lossmann, pleaded for acquittal on the grounds that Bishop Williamson had warned the Swedish journalists of the consequences for him if his remarks were broadcast in Germany, where “Holocaust denial” is a criminal offense. He thought that his interviewers would respect his concern and that the program would not be broadcast outside of Sweden or on the Internet. But the bishop “fell into the trap,” the lawyer emphasized. Karin Frahm, the Regensburg trial judge, declared that the Holocaust had been intentionally denied on German soil by Bishop Williamson, and thought that he should have expected that his comments would be broadcast in Germany. Mr. Lossmann stated after the trial, on a program of the German television network ARD, that Bishop Williamson would appeal the judgment.

(Sources: FSSPX/Apic/KNA—DICI No. 214, May 8, 2010)