Germany: Bishop Williamson will Go on Trial

Source: FSSPX News

On November 9, a spokesman of the Tribunal of Regensburg made known that Bishop Williamson would go on trial, but the date had not yet been scheduled.(See DICI n° 2004 of 11/13/2009).
Bishop Williamson is prosecuted for “incitement to racial hatred” after what he had said in an interview given in Regensburg and broadcasted by the Swedish TV channel SVT on January 21. He contests the charge, and does not follow the simplified procedure which would have brought the affair to en end with the payment of the 12,000-euro fine. His defendant wants to plead for acquittal. The spokesman of the tribunal specified that Bishop Williamson was not obliged to be personally present at his trial, and that he could use a proxy. (DICI n° 205 - 11/19/2009 – Source: AFP)