Germany: Cardinal criticizes nuncio on the subject of Redemptionis sacramentum

Source: FSSPX News


“I was slightly surprised by this judgment of the nuncio,” Cardinal Meisner said ironically. “He has not been in Germany six months, and already he feels able to pronounce his verdict in such a general manner. The nuncio is the pope’s representative, and the Instruction says categorically, that one must refer back to the bishop and also to the Holy See.”

The nuncio affirmed during an interview given to the Catholic agency KNA, on May 12, 2004, in Hamburg, that it was not necessary to “condemn the people” who had committed liturgical abuses. In these rather vague remarks, Mgr. Ender seemed anxious to avoid generating a climate of denunciation, which would encourage unfounded accusations, issuing from “certain circles”, being brought to the attention of the bishops.

“I do not know what he means by ‘certain circles’,” said Cardinal Meisner. “I am saddened by these public remarks made by the nuncio, on the subject of the Instruction”. The archbishop of Cologne added that he did not foresee a wave of accusations of liturgical abuses, in the wake of the publication of the Instruction, stressing, however, that the faithful had the right and the duty to see to it that the liturgy was correctly celebrated.