Germany: Cardinal Lehmann reproaches Islam for lack of tolerance

Source: FSSPX News


Cardinal Karl Lehmann has reproached Islam for its lack of tolerance towards other religions. “A gigantic mosque can be erected in Rome, but it is problematic to celebrate a Christian religious service in a country such as Saudi Arabia,” said the President of the German Bishops Conference to the daily Die Welt.

 A true dialogue can only take place on condition that one can talk on equal terms, believes the bishop of Mainz. And he stressed that relations with Islam posed problems because of a lack of reciprocity. Certainly, Islam accepts the possibility of a change of religion, but only in one direction: when it concerns the conversion of a Muslim to another religion, “tolerance ceases”.

 The German cardinal deplored the fact that in dialogue with Islam the theme of violence “stands out markedly”. In his view, Islam puts the accent, in an almost absolute manner, on very militant and aggressive elements. Mohammed was a warrior and the concept of conquest is a central theme of his religion. And the prelate contrasted that with the message of the Bible, with its great capacity to accept others…