Germany: Catholic Church brings action against the MTV channel.

Source: FSSPX News


On May 2, the archbishop of Munich and Freising filed a complaint against the TV channel MTV and asked for a temporary injunction to be taken against the broadcasting of the cartoon “Popetown” which was screened on the German channel on May 3. The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) also demanded that MTV drop the satirical broadcast which ridicules the pope.

 This British animated cartoon series, produced for the BBC in 2002, was not shown in Great Britain following a wave of protests. The archdiocese of Munich has called “Popetown” a “collective insult to Catholics” and the dialogues in the German version, blasphemous with regard to the pope, the cross and the celebration of the Eucharist. According to the advertisement already transmitted, the series portrays a fictitious Vatican inhabited by a mad pope and a criminal cardinal who sells orphans as slaves.

 On May 3, the Ninth Chamber of the Civil Tribunal of Munich refused to apply an interim measure against the broadcast, demanded by the archbishop of Munich and Freising.

 The first episode, which went out on the same day, was an opportunity for a live discussion on the limits of satire when Dirk Tänzler, the president of the Federation of Catholic Youth (BDKJ), stated that the emission had offended the religious sensibilities of many viewers and described it as “heavy, stupid and banal.” He found it regrettable that jokes were made at the expense of others, and said that the broadcast made fun of the cross.

 Several personalities asked Catherine Mühlemann, director of MTV, if she would agree to show a series entitled “Mohammed-Town.”

 Shown also in New Zealand, the program will be broadcast by MTV in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Elmar Giglinger, director of the channel’s programs, said that the majority of viewers had asked for the continuation of the emission, and pointed out that none of the participants in the live discussion of May 3 was in favor of suspending the program. The next nine episodes of “Popetown” will be broadcast every Wednesday and Saturday at 9.30pm.