Germany: In favor of Eucharistic hospitality with regard to protestants

Source: FSSPX News


More than 100 Catholic priests of the diocese of Rottenburg – Stuttgart are calling for the possibility of granting Eucharistic hospitality to evangelical Christians engaged in ecumenism. These priests consider that the Eucharist should serve to "edify the community, rather than exclude and put up barriers". The authors of this request, members of the study group of Rottenburg (AGR), have written an open letter to their bishop, Mgr. Gebhard Fürst, in which they ask him to commit himself to opening doors, as opposed to keeping them closed.

Two German Catholic priests have recently been punished for having invited protestants to take communion during an ecumenical Kirchentag in Berlin. This provoked the annoyance and disappointment of the 180 members who make up the AGR. Many mixed couples and Christians engaged in ecumenism feel "rejected" because of this.

The members of the AGR do not dispute the principles of Canon law, but they put forth pastoral reasons, considering that the supreme principle regarding Eucharistic hospitality must be the "salvation of souls". Moreover, they specify that this hospitality is already being experienced in differing ways in communities, by mixed couples and families.