Germany, France, the Philippines: the Society of St. Pius X Rallies against Abortion and Contraception

Source: FSSPX News

During the Angelus on November 14, Benedict XVI asked that prayer vigils for unborn children be organized for Saturday, November 27, the vigil of the first Sunday of Advent.  The Society of St. Pius X's district of Germany answers the Pope's call by inviting the faithful “to pray particularly in reparation for the sins against life, especially the crime of abortion”.  In the district of France several priories, a list of which is available on the site, are organizing prayer vigils of reparation for “the abominable crimes of abortion and all the means opposed to life, which belongs to God alone”.

In the Philippines, the district of Asia has launched a Rosary crusade against a bill that will impose contraception on the Filipinos.  In his letter, the prior of Manila, Fr. Thomas Onada addresses an urgent call on behalf of the Philippines, “one of the last strongholds of the Catholic faith, now menaced by a wicked bill”.  Indeed, “the government wishes to impose a law (Reproductive Health Bill) in favor of contraception and even making it free, under pain of severe sanctions for all those opposed to it, including the bishops.  For this reason, the Society in the Philippines has launched a Rosary crusade from October 31, 2010 to January 16, 2011”.

Fr. Onada continues: “The situation is so perilous that even Cardinal Ricardo Vidal, archbishop of Cebu, and Msgr. Paciano Aniceto, archbishop of San Fernando (Pampanga), are encouraging all the Filipinos to take part in our Crusade.  Which of course is a great joy for us”.  He thus invites all the faithful throughout the world “to take part as well in this crusade for the maintaining of the Faith in one of the last countries to be still Catholic.  We need many prayers to touch to hearts of the Filipino leaders, especially since it seems that much money is coming from foreign countries to help them succeed in passing this law.  To block this death-dealing legislation, we must offer many rosaries to Our Lady for whom nothing is impossible.”

(Sources: SSPX Germany/France/Asia – DICI n°225, November 20, 2010)