Germany: A new community friend of the Society of Saint Pius X

Source: FSSPX News

On February 17th, the Germany District of Society of St. Pius X announced that the religious community of the Reparative Sisters of the Holy Spirit, located at Niedaltdorf, Saarland, in the south of Germany has joined the many congregations of friends of the work founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. These sisters, who run a home of 60 beds for the elderly, sent a letter of thanks to Bishop Bernard Fellay which contains the following sentiments:

“With all our heart we want to thank you and to express our gratitude to God for having so kindly brought us to an association with the Society of Saint Pius X.”

“Since our foundation, the goal of the Reparative Sisters of the Holy Spirit has been to do penance and to sacrifice for the Holy Catholic Church, through the worthy celebration of the Tridentine Mass, through prayer and the service of fraternal charity, and through the care of the elderly and bedridden, as expressed by the Enfant Jesus in an appearance to our venerated founder.”

“As you know, our Foundation [May 4, 1946 in Czechoslovakia, editor's note] by Sr. Maria Cornelia Holewik and Fr. Alois Schwammel, led us through the period of Communist persecution from 1945 to 1966. At that time in Czechoslovakia, our sisters suffered not only physically, but most of all spiritually. By fidelity to the true Catholic faith, they had to separate from the mother house and work in a factory for six years, lacking most necessary things, until they were able, after a long and difficult struggle, to come to West Germany.”

“As we had to close our House in Mainz, all the sisters have been reunited since 2000 in our community at  Niedaltdorf.”

“Likewise in present times, our Congregation must continue to fight the good fight. Over the years we have prayed for divine guidance. Now divine Providence has shown us the way to you.”

“We are very grateful to the Heavenly Father and to you for our ‘incorporation’ into the SSPX, in which the true Catholic faith is still preached and lived, and we willingly reiterate our gratitude.”

“We keep you, Excellency, and all the members of the SSPX, in our daily prayers so that you will be able to continue to carry out the will of God in service of the Holy Church.”

Sühneschwestern vom Heiligen Geist - St. Antoniushaus - Neunkircher Straße 71 D - 66780 Niedaltdorf -
Tel: 0 68 33 / 2 26 – Fax: 068 33/89 40 01 – Email: [email protected]

(Source : SSPX-Germany – DICI #231 03/05/11)