Germany: A New Day for Women “Preachers”

Source: FSSPX News

A KFD poster announcing the second day of "women preachers"

A year ago, on May 17 and 18, 2021, the Association of Catholic Women of Germany - Katholische Frauengemeinschaft Deutschlands (KFD) - organized a national day of preaching: twelve sermons given by 12 women in 12 different places (Cf. The day of women “preachers” in Germany).

This year, the KFD are having another go at it on Monday, May 17, but with a little more spice. This is how KFD President Ulrike Göken Huisman preached at a Mass in a church in Düsseldorf, which is new.

Indeed, in 1988, the Church of Germany obtained Roman authorization for women to preach in various ceremonies, but outside of Mass.

Our goal, says the preacher, “is to make people understand that women can preach and can do it well. The Church deprives itself of many things by not allowing us to do so.”

The rhetoric already used last year is repeated: “Not all the apostles were men.” Because Saint Paul would designate a woman as an “apostle.” But this makes a gross theological error on the very notion of apostle, as explained in the reported article.

On the other hand, there is no mistake about the method to achieve the envisaged goal: the organizers wish to obtain progress within the framework of the Synodal Path launched a year and a half ago.

“We expect the synodal path to allow women to officially preach during Masses,” argues Ulrike Göken-Huismann, convinced that “Rome will not be able to oppose it.”

The sermons on Monday, May 17 met with very little opposition from the German bishops, despite the fact that many of the women went beyond the “tolerated” framework.

The president of the KFD did not fail to recall one of the demands of the Synodal Path: “How can we explain that women do not have equal rights within the Catholic Church when they do have it in society?”

She also remains hopeful of an evolution. She loudly proclaims her new slogan: “Stay in the Church! Demand change!”

A slogan heard by the rector Gregor Giele, of the parish of the Holy Trinity of Leipzig who received one of the preachers: “All the laity should have the right to preach, because preaching is a reflected testimony of the faith,”  he declared.

As for Msgr. Georg Bätzing, bishop of Limburg and president of the German Bishops' Conference, he did not fail to comment: “Women can give homilies. And I would be happy if there were exceptions to the rules so that their witness of faith could be heard during the celebration of Mass.”

Even if it means reforming the structure of the Church erected by the Incarnate Son of God?