Germany: The Synodal Path Wants to Destroy the Church

Source: FSSPX News

The Synodal Assembly will meet for the fourth time from September 8 to 10, in Frankfurt. The texts to be adopted were sent to the synodal members for their preparation and were published on the website of the Synodal Path.

Far from agreeing with the warning of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, the members will essentially deal with subjects that are outside their competence, the result of the laxity of the Holy See.

Amendingof the Constitution of the Church

A “synodal council” project will be discussed. It should guarantee an almost permanent continuation of the Synodal Path and would mean a modification of the structure of the Church. It is proposed that the bishops resign from their office and hand over their responsibility to a council.

The objective of many synod members is to elect their own bishop, to establish a right of decision for the laity in the Church, to allow them to administer baptism and extreme unction, as well as to help out at weddings.

The text proposes that self-commitment by the bishops makes “compulsory the interaction between the common responsibility and the function of direction” and that an “instance of superior judicial control” be put in place, which would require a “self-commitment by the pope.”

Proposals in themselves heretical, because they are contrary to the divine constitution of the Church established by her divine Founder.

Harmonization of Canon Law with State Law

Canon law must be developed so that “the fundamental rights of all believers are of central and fundamental importance therein – by analogy with the fundamental rights of state law.”

Among these rights, the text lays down requirements in the sense of transsexuality and homosexuality: openness to all possible non-binary sexes according to gender (transsexuality and intersexuality). By analogy with German law, the entry of the “various” sex or changes of sex and names in the baptismal register should be possible. - No comment…

The management of homosexuality within the Church must be open and the errors of the past abolished. Non-heterosexual bishops must be able to come out, so that “diversity in the episcopate is also visible.”

In addition, bishops and those responsible for the formation of priests must commit themselves “to ensuring that the ban on training and ordaining non-heterosexual men is lifted at the level of the universal Church and that all negative statements concerning their sexual orientation be removed from official Church documents.”

In other words, totally suppress the current teaching of the Church on homosexuality.

To erase discrimination against women and clericalism, additional leadership positions for women as well as their ordination is vehemently called for - as a “correction of unequal power and structures.”

The opening of ordained ministries also tends in the direction of gender, when it is said that the Synodal Assembly undertakes to “cast qualified votes so that believers who are called and empowered have access to all services and ministries of the Church – including all ordained ministries – regardless of gender and state of life.”

If the Holy See does not intervene, there will soon be nothing but ruins of the Church in Germany. Since almost all of these proposals are contrary to the divine constitution of the Church, to her dogmatic or moral doctrine, they cannot be accepted.

And from then on, the disappointment of those who have believed their bishops, will be dramatic and will leave only ruins behind. And the Holy See will bear the main responsibility, because it did not act when it should.