Germany. In the wake of “Kirchentag”

Source: FSSPX News


In a decree issued Friday, June 6, the pastor of the parish of Grosshabersdorf, in Bavaria, was suspended from his duties and forbidden to celebrate mass in the diocese of Eichstätt. This measure was taken because of his participation in an evangelical communion service, May 31, during the ecumenical Kirchentag (Church Day) in Berlin. His bishop, Mgr Walter Mixa, took the measure. Catholic progressives saw it in such a negative light because there are in effect two weights and two measures. In fact, another priest, Fr. Hasenhüttl, who dared to celebrate an interconfessional service with intercommunion (cf. DICI 77) during this same Kirchentag, was in no way disturbed by the hierarchy; the surprise of Fr. Kroll, 41 years old, is not surprising – although he did deserved to be sanctioned to the extent that his presence was an active participation in a Protestant service, even if he did refuse to concelebrate – .